Choosing a Security System for Your Home

These days, security of all kinds is a major topic of conversation. School security, cyber security, identity security; these are all issues on people’s minds. One type of security that perhaps does not get enough attention is home security. We tend to take it for granted that if we lock our doors as we leave the house, everything will be fine. However, since a home is being broken into approximately every 13 seconds, it may be time to give a little more thought to your home’s security and perhaps add some additional layers to protect the things you hold dear. The right security system can help.

Start with Your Door Locks

Before we get into the pros and cons of various security systems, let’s start by saying that the first line of defense against intruders is still a reinforced exterior door and doorframe, coupled with a high-security deadbolt lock. More than 50% of burglars enter homes through front and back doors, so this is a critical element. Search for a local locksmith near me who is licensed, insured, and can produce references, and let him help you decide what needs to be done to your doors and locks to give you the most bang for your buck. Then, move on to other security tools, such as an alarm system.

Burglar Alarm Versus Home Security System

There are many different systems out there that offer different features. First, it is important to understand that there is a difference between a burglar alarm and a home security system. A burglar alarm is a device that includes wires or sensors on windows and doors. Sometimes, it also includes motion detectors inside the home. This type of system will alert you, your neighbors, and police (if your system is monitored) if someone tries to enter your home. Home security systems include burglar alarm components but can also have features to protect your home and family from other dangers, such as fire, natural gas leaks, or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Choose a System that Fits Your Needs

Do you have a smaller home or a larger one? Is it a single-family home with a yard or an apartment? Do you own individual objects that are extremely valuable on their own (think jewelry, fine art, or antiques)? All these are factors you should consider when deciding which system is best for you.

Choose a Monitored System

There are two basic types of alarm systems. One sounds a piercing alarm that will be heard by you, if you are home, and by your neighbors. This system is not connected to police or any central monitoring location where there are people who can immediately notify police to send someone to your home. Basically, you are depending on the noise to scare the intruder away and you are hoping your neighbors will call the police when they hear the alarm. The best thing about this type of system is that you pay once for the equipment and the installation and you have no additional charges after that.


However, if you are investing in a security system, it may be best to go with a monitored system. This does come with a monthly subscription fee. However, with this feature, your alarm not only sounds locally, which may scare away a would-be intruder, it also notifies a company who can dispatch police to your home.

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